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About us


Emily Sabin BSc AMRSB CertEcol. Managing Director.


Emily previously spent five years working for conservation organisations before becoming a consultant ecologist in 2021.

Emily has been an operational Conservation Detection Dog Handler since 2021. Accredited under LANTRA and a member of the Ecology Dogs in Britain and Ireland Working Group. The Imprint Ecology dog team is regularly deployed on green energy projects, ENGOs/nature reserves, and private developments.

Emily is active in her spare time and loves exercising in the countryside, at the gym, or volunteering with her local conservation group.



If he were a person, he'd constantly try to win employee of the month. Monty is a springer spaniel cross labrador who loves squeaky tennis balls and tuggy toys.

Monty can detect water vole latrines (droppings) and bat and bird carcasses.


English springer spaniel. Hard-working and enthusiastic to work, she takes conservation detection in her stride, and has great independence, pace and is methodical. Pip can detect water vole latrines and bat and bird carcasses.

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