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Emily Sabin, BSc (Hons), MRSB


Emily is a senior ecological consultant, experienced in project management for surveys, mitigation, and reporting on small-scale to multi-million-pound projects. With excellent working knowledge of the planning system and ecological requirements for all development types, Emily is experienced in coordinating fieldwork, designing and evaluating mitigation proposals, and providing technical advice. She particularly enjoys working with clients to find nature-based solutions for achieving net gains in biodiversity.


Emily is a local bat rescuer and committee member of Sussex Bat Group, and also serves on the board of the Ecology Dogs in Britain and Ireland Working Group.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys exercising in the countryside and at the gym, adding new plants to her garden, and volunteering with local nature groups.

Detection dog and wind turbine


If he were a person, he'd constantly try to win employee of the month. Monty loves squeaky tennis balls and tuggy toys.

Monty can detect water vole latrines and bat and bird carcasses.

Bat corpse detection dog


Hard-working and enthusiastic, she takes wildlife detection in her stride, has great independence, pace and is methodical.


Pip can detect water vole latrines and bat and bird carcasses.

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