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Wildlife Detection Dogs

Our dog team is scientifically-proven to be reliable, fast, and effective.

We have two, specially-trained, operational wildlife detection dogs who excel at bat/bird carcass detection. They have received outstanding client feedback and consistently achieve 90-100% efficiency in client-led trials. The dogs search the ground beneath wind turbines and alert us to any bat/bird mortalities. We are experienced at getting you the results you need to discharge post-development conditions and to help inform long-term mitigation plans.

2024 update:

The wildlife/conservation detection dog industry has attracted interest and experienced rapid growth recently, prompting a need to ensure the safety of the UK's wildlife during surveys. Imprint Ecology is dedicated to ensuring that, while new teams are supported, consultancies must actively avoid high-risk situations when dogs are involved. This is especially pertinent if one considers the deployment of non-professional, amateur dog teams in sensitive wildlife areas or on construction sites with limited experience.


Opting for a professional team with a proven track record is no comparison to the unsafe alternative; the deployment of an experienced team is essential for both the welfare of wildlife and the reputation of your company.

Emily Sabin has extensive experience of training and handling wildlife detection dogs and designing surveys. As an active board member of the Ecology Detection Dogs Britain and Ireland Working Group, she is dedicated to developing a competency and accreditation framework for new dog teams.

In our commitment to wildlife safety, if there is a situation where we are unable to fulfil a request, we will directly recommend you to one of our associate teams elsewhere in the UK. These are similar, accredited, operational teams with professional experience who we trust.

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Bat and bird carcass

Covering large areas of ground quickly and efficiently, dogs are the best solution for finding bat and bird carcasses beneath wind turbines.


Water vole

Dogs are an effective tool for finding water vole latrines along river and pond banks, especially in thick vegetation and hard-to-reach areas.



Got a research or bespoke project that needs a conservation dog to search for a particular plant or animal? We would love to help. Please get in touch. 

Case Studies


June 2022

Water vole reintroduction feasibility study


May 2022

Water vole presence / absence surveys

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